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Unity Credit Union offers low-cost unsecured personal loans which are available for just about any purpose. Whether that be for a home improvement, new car or a holiday, Unity Credit Union is here to help.

It’s simple with us, your first loan is at a fixed rate of 29.9% (capped at a maximum loan of £500.00) and thereafter, all loans under £1000.00 are at 29.9% and £1000.00 or over is 23.9% up to £5000.00 (Maximum loan amount is £5000.00 or 10 times your savings) (Representative APR) We arrange loans with repayments from 6 months to 5 years and NO early repayment fees so if you want to pay it back sooner there’s no penalty.

Our rates are fixed irrelevant of your personal circumstances unlike other lenders who vary the rate depending on status so with us what you see on our loans calculator is what you get.

Loans are decided by people not computers so your individual circumstances are considered, and we often lend to people who may have difficulty borrowing elsewhere, including people on benefits or tenants.

We provide FREE life insurance on all loans taken up to the members 80th birthday so in the event of the unforeseeable the debt is wiped off (subject to terms and conditions, ask for more details)

How to get a loan?

It’s simple, we require that you save alongside your loan to a minimum of £10 per month which will be accrued in your savings account while you borrow which means once you’ve paid off your loan you’ll also have money in the bag too! Simply apply online by completing our loan application form and we will contact you to arrange the rest.

  Fixed interest rates and no hidden fee or early repayment charges

  FREE loan life insurance

  Everyone considered

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Share Secured Loan – Up to £5,000 Loans under £1,000 Loans over £1,000

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Loan Protection Insurance

Loan Protection Insurance is the insurance cover that the Credit Union provides on the loans of its borrowing members up to 80 years old.


The interest rates are on the reducing balance as follows:

For the total loan of 
Monthly interest on reducing balance
Annual Percentage
Rate (APR)
Share Secured Loan – Up to £5,000
Loans under £1,000
Loans over £1,000
1.164 %

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